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Here’s a fun (and weird) one! In the Japan level Sushi House, you can find these various banners and murals hanging on the walls and structures. Because they were just background pieces that might not be noticed at first glance, I had the freedom to play with the story a little. ^__^ I wanted to tell a silly, random story of how Rioichi started his sushi house (read left to right, top to bottom).

1. Rioichi was on a fishing trip one day and caught a giant, ferocious Great White shark.

2. He was about to kill the shark but it pleaded for its life.

3. That’s when Rioichi noticed a mysterious mark of the Cooper Clan on the shark’s chest (perhaps he was a fan? ;P).

4. Rioichi spared his life and in return the shark swore loyalty to Rioichi and served as his mount at war.

5. They were victorious together and were graciously rewarded by the Emperor.

6. As years passed, the shark grew too old to fight, and knowing of Rioichi’s dreams to begin a sushi house, the shark asked Rioichi to honorably sacrifice his fishy friend and use him to start his sushi restaurant. (He even drew dotted lines on where to cut the choice meats.)

7. At the shark’s funeral it was a bittersweet end; Rioichi wept for his friend, but he also produced the finest, sweetest, most succulent Great White Shark sashimi.

8. Rioichi builds his famous sushi house. Now he’s BALLER. THE END.

I also included a wanted poster (for assisted suicide? LOL). You can find this poster stuck on the posts of the sushi house.

On the topic of fish, I also included some of my fish concepts used for the fishing caves.

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